Gourmet American style pancakes and street food in Cornwall

Proper Pancakes was founded by Nicky, a lover of vintage who wanted to bring a delicious alternative to your usual street food. She and her husband lovingly renovated a bright orange, retro hot dog van, turning it into the quirky 50’s inspired pancake trailer you see today. The idea for Proper Pancakes came from Nicky’s honeymoon in Hawaii. Whilst out on the beach surfing and diving, she came across her favourite beachside café, which specialised in the fluffiest pancakes you’ve ever seen! A Cornish girl at heart, Nicky wanted to bring a little bit of her honeymoon back home and began to create the perfect pancake recipe. After months of perfecting it, Nicky hit the streets in August 2014 with Proper Pancakes and is always looking out for new and exciting events to spread some syrupy, chocolatey, candied, fluffy love.

If you’d like Proper Pancakes at your event or you’re interested in collaborating, give Nicky a call on 07919 374434